My First Portrait Session


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This blog has been about my rambling journey as a photographer which began when I purchased my first DSLR four years ago.  In the past year, after retiring from teaching, I have focused on developing my skills and artistry while learning how to run a business (of one currently). Photography is my passion…my frustrating, rewarding, exhausting, invigorating, inspiring, fun and all-consuming passion.

I recently landed my first job taking head shots. I prepared by setting up my portable lighting studio in my home, bribing friends with meals to sit for me (I got two takers), and resorting to shooting myself in order to figure out how best to set up the lights. I was nervous because lighting has been one of my greatest weaknesses.IMG_9059-Edit-Edit

These two young women were perfect for my first portrait gig because they were simply FUN.


Now I just need to learn how to market myself. 



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I’m searching for my identity as a photographer and a professional. I’m making a little money on jobs here and there, and I plan to form an LLC. Well, that task is on my “to-do” list, but I procrastinate because I have not been able to agree with myself on a business name; therefore, for lack of anything creative, I’ve settled for Ramona Howard Photography. My wanderings and vacillations do not stop there, because now I’m struggling with a logo/watermark. These are important decisions, right?

I put my latest watermark on these images. I’m not sure I like it. Maybe I’ll like it better if I reduce the size of my name.

I really would prefer a name other than my own. Topaz Images. Silver Penny Photography. Captured Memories Photography (no .. I thought I liked that one but I don’t). I don’t understand why this is so difficult. Something should just “come to me” right?

Last night, a friend came over for dinner, and I drafted her to model as I practiced lighting techniques.

This is my favorite.



I like this shot because it’s gritty. There’s an element of “Fight Club,” of competition, of near defeat and perseverance .. and we just know that she will be the victor.

Captured Memories




During a recent visit with family, I was captivated by my niece’s face and asked if I could photograph her. She was delightful and so much fun as she modeled for me, and I hope to have many more opportunities to capture her beauty.

I’m trying out a new name for my photo business. I had been using R Howard Photography, which sounds so dry. What do you think about Captured Memories by Ramona?




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Last week, I was blessed with time for myself with three days of solitude (with my cocker spaniel) in a cabin in the mountains, followed by two days of camping with my sons and their families. It’s been far too long since I’ve taken pictures just for myself, without worrying about pleasing the client. These were pure pleasure to shoot (along with the 1330 other images I captured during my retreat/vacation).

Full Moon rising

Full Moon rising

Full Moon

Full Moon

Twilight in the High Country

Twilight in the High Country

Early Morning Solitude

Early Morning Solitude


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