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I am a child of the 50s. I clearly remember when the TV (a tiny screen housed in a huge cabinet) first came into our house in 1955. Ten years later, I was delighted to own a battery-powered transistor radio that crackled out the Beach Boys and the Beatles from hundreds of miles away. I wrote my college papers on a portable Smith Corona typewriter and thought the heavens had opened when I got an electric self-correcting typewriter sometime in the mid-70s, about the same time I picked up a 35 mm camera for the first time. Jump forward at least three decades and I’m playing with what feels like magic with my Nikon D90 and my little MacBook while watching a DVR’d movie on my flat-screen TV. Tonight, I thought I’d see what I could do with the magic of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Black & White Mist on the Pond

I used layer to create the image below. I used a shot of the full moon (taken from the street outside my city condo) and a boring image of a a high-desert hill. However, I don’t know how to use layers. I wanted the moon higher in the sky & more to the right. I also wanted to manipulate the hues of the moon to reflect what a rising moon typically looks like — a little more warm. When I figure out how to use layers, I will re-post this image.

Full Moon Over Desert Mountain