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Jakesprinter hosts a weekly photo competion in 2012 Water Dragon Event. Check it out.

I have posted tons of  “nature” shots and did not want to repeat. While walking my dog this morning, I thought of “NATURE RESTRAINED.” Let me explain. I “rescued” a German Shorthaired Pointer who was wandering loose in the neighborhood. Since bringing him home (“Mom, can I keep him?) I have attempted to train him to walk on a loose leash, which is completely against his NATURE. This hunter needs to RUN; it’s deeply engrained in the DNA. In addition, he can escape from just about anywhere, clearing a 6-foot fence easily. Everything I’ve read tells me that the does not belong in a city condo.

Doing what he does best: RUN

Stalking prey ... well another dog at the dog park

He is so full of exuberance and energy.

The people fishing on the other side of the lake captured his attention.

You can see that he observes my "no dogs on the bed" rule.

Finally! A system that works! He is constrained by the Gentle Leader around his muzzle and the backpack (loaded with weights). Today was the first time he did not pull on the leash, and he seemed to enjoy his walk.