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Last summer, I worked with excellent English teachers in Feicheng, Shandong Province, China. This city of nearly a million people has a small-town feel for me. Each evening, after dinner, the town becomes alive as its citizens walk along the river, amidst the parks, and on the city streets, which become alive with buyers and sellers, with the enticing aromas from the food vendors, and with friends sharing their daily joys and woes. On one of my last nights in the city, I took my camera out to capture some of the city’s essence and culture before I returned to the United States.

I purposefully did not “clean up” the white balance on these images because I want to show the warm glow created by the lights of the city.


Because I plan to spend tomorrow with my family and to not touch my laptop, I am posting my JAKESPRINTER SUNDAY POST today (Saturday)