Garden Peace

The Yuyuan Garden in Old Shanghai

I like this image, but the original just didn’t do anything. The colors are washed out — the garden is old and the colors actually are faded and worn. The images was just too “OK.” I think it makes a stronger statement in black & white.

Old Shanghai Garden

A toddler and 50 mm

Elle is frequently my model, whether she wants the job or not. In this shot, I used her to practice with a new fixed lens.

10 months old

It was quite a challenge to get a good focus on a toddler who had just learned to crawl. This image is one of my all time favorites of her. (Oh alright, I have a lot of favorites of her.)

My First

For those of you who are young, this may not interest you. Somewhere around 22 months ago, my world was turned upside down. I’d been warned. I said, OK sure, it will be wonderful. Believe me, there was nothing in my prior experience that could have prepared me… not even birthing and raising my two very active sons (whom I adore by the way). But there’s a special kind of love that happens when one holds her first grandchild. I don’t know if it continues with the 2nd or 3rd or 15th; I just know the incredible, indescribable joy this little human being has brought into my life.

My first look at her perfect little toes, March 14, 2010

Ordinary day with Elle

My granddaughter delights me. She warms my souls and tickles my spirits. She squeals “Mama” (accent on the second syllable) and my heart sings.