Garden Peace

The Yuyuan Garden in Old Shanghai

I like this image, but the original just didn’t do anything. The colors are washed out — the garden is old and the colors actually are faded and worn. The images was just too “OK.” I think it makes a stronger statement in black & white.

Old Shanghai Garden

12 thoughts on “Garden Peace

    • Grace, I spent about an hour in the gardens, most of the time shooting pictures. I could have lingered longer, just to breathe in the peace, but my friends were eager to move along. Did you notice the carved rooflines? Aren’t they spectacular? I would like to find out the stories behind the intricate artwork. I posted a series of doors that I took in these gardens earlier in the blog. If you click on photography and travel, you could find them.

      Bustling Shanghai? Yes, it is and I love it. I spent about a week there but would love to stay for a month or so to truly get the chance to explore more of this exciting city. I love the confluence of old and new architecture.

      Do you live in China?

  1. Hey Mona!
    Yes i noticed them, with the dragon carvings found on the top of the walls. I’m gonna upload some photos on my blog about that trip soon, maybe you can check them out! Do you have instagram?

    I spent about 3 days in Shanghai and came back to Beijing, where I am staying now. Beijing has less of the commercial buildings, but being the capital city, has many historical attractions and beautiful places! 🙂

    • Grace, I travelled from Shanghai to Beijing by myself last summer and have a fabulous time. I joined an English-speaking tour group; I took a chance by going with a group I found online & was happy with them and their service. With this group, I saw all of the famous ancient sites. Although I liked all of them, my favorites are the Great Wall (Mutianyu) and the Hutong area of Beijing. On my last day, I was on my own without the group, so I returned to the Temple of Heaven, and this time I walked around the entire gardens and temple area. With the tour, we were there only an hour. On my own, I enjoyed the temple grounds for almost 4 hours.

  2. Such beautiful texture in this photograph, Mona. I love the glass-like water, the feathery blossoms, and the beautiful contrast between light, dark and in-between!

    I’m pleased that you discovered my posts from Asia so that I could in turn explore yours!

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