My First

For those of you who are young, this may not interest you. Somewhere around 22 months ago, my world was turned upside down. I’d been warned. I said, OK sure, it will be wonderful. Believe me, there was nothing in my prior experience that could have prepared me… not even birthing and raising my two very active sons (whom I adore by the way). But there’s a special kind of love that happens when one holds her first grandchild. I don’t know if it continues with the 2nd or 3rd or 15th; I just know the incredible, indescribable joy this little human being has brought into my life.

My first look at her perfect little toes, March 14, 2010

4 thoughts on “My First

  1. A gorgeous photo with lots of emotions portrayed. I can believe it’s a fantastic experience becoming a grandmother. I remember how my parents and my in-laws went completely bananas when we had our son almost 3 years ago. He was the first grandchild for both set of grandparents. 🙂

    • I spent the 1st 24 hours of her life in joyous tears — definitely not prepared for the depth of emotions. I’d read about the experiences of being a grandparent but truly had no idea. She is now almost two years old and I am crazier about her today than ever before.

  2. I don’t have children but my sister does and she now has 3 grand children and she is as enamoured by the 3rd as she was with the first….I wish you many more. I on the other hand am a very, very proud Great Aunt!!!

    • I assume that I will love any other grandchildren as much, and I look forward to the experience. By that time, my photography skill might be better and my poppet pictures will pop (tee hee).

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