The next generation

Something about this feels odd and I can’t quite put my finger on it. My granddaughter, who will celebrate her 2nd year birthday in a few days, can find things on my phone that I did not know are there. She took some pictures, played Angry Birds, & spent a few minutes playing PacMan before texting one of my friends. She is able to pull up Netflix on her dad’s iPad and choose the program she wants to watch.

16 thoughts on “The next generation

  1. You / I can’t believe what those kiddies already know when it comes to these technological goodies! They are born with the knowledge(I think) because their parents are using it every moment of they.

  2. Guess it is normal, for my grand kids are tech wizards too and get impatient with me when i take time to master a game! I fear their children will be born with atrophied bodies and extra long fore fingers 🙂

  3. Technology seems to be second nature for the children. My sons could maneuver the computer as veteran geeks when I was still thrilled I could check the basic programs.
    Still…she is only two!
    Peach State

  4. This is a very cute picture. You cannot help but smile while looking at this photograph. My children are 7 and 5 and they both know how to use our older iphones to email and send pictures to their grandmothers. So don’t be surprised if with in the next 2 years you start to receive random emails from your granddaughter with photos that she may want to share with you. It could just be a photo of a crayon or a barbie but hey at least you will know that your granddaughter is thinking of you right? lol

    • Actually, she CAN! Well, with her dad’s help of course. She loves to draw, to read, and to build with legos, so she’s not a complete tekkie. I’m thankful that she gets away from the electronics now and then.

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