My Favorite Model

While babysitting and playing with my favorite model yesterday, I took advantage of the opportunity to practice with my new 50 mm lens. I’m still struggling with the focus, but I’ll get there eventually (I hope). I wish the sharper focus were more on her eyes and less on the beads.

Lately, she’s been petulant when I’ve taken out the camera, turning her back on me and proclaiming the toddler’s favorite word, “NO!” Yesterday, she was in a playful mood. (I’m serious about the playful part. We played nonstop for nearly five hours until I finally manipulated her into a nap because grandma definitely needed to rest.)

She loves wearing hats and is beginning to like girlie things like beads and sparkly shoes. She is also a fearless tomboy who climbs on top of everything (just like her father) and loves airplanes, helicopters, and trucks.