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After days of an intense work load, I’m taking a night off (well, I think it’s warranted as I was at school/work at 7 AM and left at 7 PM). I am ready to post grades tomorrow and I am prepared for tomorrow … but not for next week … does that mean another weekend of work? NO! I want a weekend OFF! OH NO, I have not prepared the paperwork for taxes. I NEED A PERSONAL ASSISTANT. Since that’s not happening, I need to stop whining and get to work. But for tonight, I am simply enjoying a few hours off. Watched DVR’d episode of House and now watching Grey’s Anatomy.

I had my post-observation conference today. My principal, and evaluator, appears to like my work. This evening, I learned my probable teaching schedule for next year. (I say probable because schedules change up until and sometimes after the first day of the new school year.) Not what I’d hoped for, but also not what I had dreaded. The current trend in education is to place the “strongest” teachers with the most difficult students, especially freshmen and sophomores. While it’s an ego-stroke to be reconsidered a strong teacher, the reality is that it is not a reward. What that philosophy does not take into consideration is the age, energy level, and temperament of said teacher. Retirement? Or another year with freshmen? I don’t know.

The other evening, because I was too exhausted to cook and clean up, I picked up dinner at a local restaurant. I got a little bored waiting on food or the check and started playing with the iPhone.