The train had just pulled away from the stop when I heard, and then saw, this man walking down the tracks in the direction of the rapidly departing train. He stood in the middle of the tracks, shouting obscenities and curses because he had been thrown off the train. Moments later, he was sitting on the benches on the other side of the stop, awaiting the next train to take him in the opposite direction.

Do we hurry by, giving only an embarrassed side-long glance?

23 thoughts on “Do we hurry by, giving only an embarrassed side-long glance?

  1. I always give a nod and a smile. Everyone, regardless of their situation, is a human being… Sometimes a little love, through a simple nod of acknowledgement, goes a long way to heal a hurting heart!

      • Your responses are admirable. I wish I could say the same for myself (read my comments below). Maybe, just maybe, I will try to offer a smile in the future.

    • Stephen, I wish that I could say that I respond in a kind way. To be honest, I frequently don’t because there are so many who are potentially dangerous. When I am walking in the city alone, I don’t make eye contact with anyone, because eye contact is an invitation to be approached. At this point, I become uncomfortable, nervous, and sometimes afraid. I don’t like my response, and in fact, it shames me.

      • Hi Mona. I really appreciate this reply. There have been times when I thought safety was an issue. More recently I’ve tried to to acknowledge because I’ve seen certain people repeatedly. This is a great post…it’s thought provoking…thanks!

  2. Because of our mild winters, we are a mecca for street people. They handle the blazing summer heat by sleeping under trees in the parks or hanging out in the library.

    I have avoided some shopping centers because I couldn’t get in or out of my car without being approached by several scary looking people at a time, which is frightening.

    Most of our street people are harmless. Just lost, addicted, or mentally ill. As is probably the case across the country, our hospitals cannot afford to house our mentally ill citizens, and turn them out unless they are severely sick. Unfortunately, they are too ill to hold down a job.

    Many of them choose to live on the streets rather than be confined to walls and rules.

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