Night Bridges

Yesterday, I spent three peaceful, solitary hours watching people and shooting pictures as the late afternoon melted into night. This small city park borders a narrow river traversed by four bridges: an old train trestle, a beautiful old bridge, an ultra-modern foot bridge, and the powerful light-rail bridge.

Lights dance across the sleek light-rail bridge and paint the water in a riot of changing colors.

The train streaks across the lighted bridge.

The bold lines of the new light-rail bridge contrast with the quiet of dignity of the old bridge built in 1931.

I found these boys hanging out under the bridge and asked them to just continue doing what they had been doing; they were happy to indulge me. While the un-posed shot has some flaws, I thought I’d post it just to let you share in the boys’ fun as they await the rumble of the next train.Β (I’d like to recreate the scene so that my lines on each side of the shot mirror each other.)Β 

14 thoughts on “Night Bridges

    • Thanks Andy. I wanted to stay, but I had been there several hours & I was getting nervous about being out alone … I noticed a few groups of teen boys wearing dark colors arriving Because I teach in a school rife with gangs, I am nervous about roving groups of young people dressed the same. I did not feel safe. Plus the temps had dropped and the wind had picked up. My hands were blue and I couldn’t stop shaking. However, I did stay at least an hour after dark in the cold. It was a great experience.

      Maybe I will get over my fear of being out alone, but maybe it’s not fear; maybe it’s being aware of my surroundings and my vulnerability as a 60 year old woman.

  1. Wow I love the photos! Glad you enjoyed a bit outside. I know how it feels when being outside alone and also when it is getting later at night! Look after yourself

  2. HAHAHA I love that last photo. Reminds me on my summer nights running around our small town with my brothers HAHA! Brought back good memories πŸ™‚ The first photo is incredible! With night shots like that one, do you have to use a tripod and a slow shutter?

  3. I really love this little series of bridges. You captured the mood along the river in a very nice way. The pictures of the boys under the bridge is great. I am not sure it would be any better if you made it again trying to make it more symmetrical. I like the casual look of both the boys and the picture.

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