These are the two “authorized” shots of my “Lizard Man” just before he reminded me that he needed quiet time to do his yoga and soak up sun.

I now realize that the pull tabs and other metal adornments are the Lizard’s scales. I find him fascinating and plan to seek out this street performer who assured me that I could take as many pictures as I want then.  (I learned from a waiter that the Lizard Man plays the guitar every weekend outside of Starbuck’s.) 


I Need My Yoga Now

9 thoughts on “I Need My Yoga Now

  1. WOW AGAIN! Saw your other post on Lizard Man and I’m glad you got more photos of him. What an interesting person. I would have a lot of questions for him.


  2. I’m really quite impressed that you were brave enough to approach him directly. When we enter into that space of trusting our instincts, we often find the most delightful surprises. Good for you! Great shots. Unbelievable.

  3. Yeah this is a very interesting costume.. Great photos and he does Yoga in that costume! That would be a sight to see. Again great photo and I too am impressed that you had the guts to approach him!

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