Sunday Post: Work

When I saw the topic of this Sunday’s Post, I wondered if I should go out and find someone working; however, I remembered I had shot quite a few images of people at work during my stay in China last summer.

I find it interesting that I still have not gotten comfortable taking similar pictures here in my own city and country. I guess there’s something about being a tourist that gives me (in my mind) license to shoot just about anything.

And now, I’m off to the gym before returning to my work, prepping my lessons for the week. I hope you all have a satisfying and productive work week.







11 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Work

    • Yes, I am. I’ll be in Shanghai June 18 until June 28 (+/- a day or so) before heading inland to my job in Feicheng. If you are in Shanghai during that time, I LOVE to meet you as you sound like a fascinating woman.

    • Thank you! I love your selection. Looking at that DUCK made my mouth water. I somehow missed the duck in Beijing…perhaps another trip. I had it in Old Shanghai but it was prepared completely differently. Still delicious, but different.

      • Very good idea. When I came to NZ my sister also came for 1 month. She just would go into a shop and ask if she could take photos and most of the time she took many photos!Still have heaps of them

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