Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today, June 1, 2012: An exhausting, challenging, troublesome day with its moments of brilliance and moments of drudge. I’ve described the day lived by most of us, haven’t I?

After 14 hours of more move-in tasks, (will it ever end?) I experimented with my camera this evening, trying techniques hitherto foreign to me (I’ve always thought that word, hitherto, to be remarkably silly and pretentious and I just wanted to slip it in here, just for fun).

This first one is an exercise in using two flashes. For many of you, this may be something you do without thinking (when I watched son — the pro — do this the other evening it seem so terribly easy –Well it’s NOT!)  I used the “master-slave” flash with a Willow Tree figurine of a father & son. (I don’t even know if I’m using the right terminology.)

Later, the moon called me to my back patio.

When I saw these images on the computer I was surprised by the position of the moon in the two shots, taken four minutes apart. Can you see the shift? Look at the bottom of each shot (what I think of as the navel).

Taken at 10:40 PM

Taken at 10:44 PM

The last shot is simply Artie who is keeping me company this weekend while his people (my son & his family) are out of town. And that’s the end of my day, June 1, 2012. Good night, all.

Artie is tiny but fierce. He’s old, he coughs and wheezes, he can’t see or hear very well, but he is a super-cool little dog who told me he wants to stay with me.