I arrived in this beautiful city last night and have enjoyed walking in the streets around my hotel. The skies are cloudy, hinting of rain; however, I have not yet seen a drop. I am savoring the food as I had not found a single restaurant in Phoenix that serves authentic Chinese food and I have missed the delicious flavors and textures of the dishes here.

The shot below is from my stay here last summer. I am looking forward to roaming the city with my camera in hand again.

Shanghai Street

Ni Hao Shanghai

12 thoughts on “Ni Hao Shanghai

    • Both. I am part of a small company (OK, there are 4 of us) that does international professional development for English teachers. At the end of the month, we will begin the training in the Shandong Province. In the interim, I’m hanging out in Shanghai, prepping my lessons, wandering the city, and taking lots of pictures. My challenge will be to park my bottom at the computer and work instead of getting out in the city (which I love).

    • Really? That is not that hard to believe because Shanghai is truly cosmopolitan. This evening, one of my business partners & I stopped in a shop after dinner & struck up a conversation with a gentleman from Mexico who went to college in Wisconsin and is now working in Shanghai.

    • That is on my agenda. There is a small Yangs near the hotel; I had the fried dumplings 2 nights ago and they were delicious. I am looking forward to going to the “famous” one. I’ll post my “review.”

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