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I spent a good part of this afternoon in search of the elusive foot massage … that heavenly foot massage that I experienced on my 1st day in the country last summer. However, after wandering for three hours in the streets north and west of my hotel … I am pretty sure that I covered at least fifteen miles up and down and back and forth (OK, this might be a bit of a hyperbole) … I still did not get my highly anticipated foot massage except what I received from my workout shoes pounding the pavement.

As I finally reached the safety and comfort of my hotel, I saw this woman across the street from me. Bent from years of living, she patiently waited for the light to turn before maneuvering through the steady stream of bicycles, scooters, and pedestrians.

For some reason, my internet connection does not upload images to WordPress; however, I can upload to Picasa.

Hence, for your pleasure, a pictorial essay of a portion of my day alone in Shanghai.

I spent the rest of the day prepping lessons for the workshop and reading Book Two in The Hunger Games …ย captivating read. I understand that the movie does not do the book justice. (But does any movie truly convey the strength of the book?)

Good night and take care.