What a delightful day! My friends took me to Yang’s Fried-Dumplings, the Bund, and …. drum roll please …. the massage place! After my 3-hour meandering yesterday, I was slightly embarrassed when they guided me this afternoon. It seems that I had turned right when I should have turned left. However, the massage was well worth the wait.

That chicken was still pecking away on the sidewalk along Wuding Lu.

All in all, a wonderful day in Shanghai, Thursday, June 21.


Dumplings, Blue Sky, and Massage

12 thoughts on “Dumplings, Blue Sky, and Massage

      • unless you pay for a VPN. The free ones don’t upload the photos. It’s been a constant moan of mine and just another thing about China that wears me down

      • I actually have paid for a VPN … hmm maybe I paid for SKYPE. I might try to upgrade the VPN. Thanks. Oh! I went to the bank today to change 100 U.S. Dollars for RMB! 1/2 hour to fill out applications in triplicate, hand over my passport, sign something in Chinese (have not idea what I signed), wait while they checked and double-checked the passport … all to just exchange money so that I could spend money in the country.

  1. This is a newer location. The oldYangs fry has been demolished apparently as have so many authentic eateries on prime land. I am sure the dumplings were the same though. How I loved them!

    • This is, according to my Shanghai friend, the main one now. There is a very small one near my hotel, but the dumplings are not quite as good as these were this morning. I am sorry that the original is gone; I’m seeing similar demolition and new building all over Shanghai. Constant construction. It appears that the economy here is strengthening. It’s still a tremendously crowded city.

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