This quote by Billy Crystal says it all:

My granddaughter’s birth has made me want to create things she will love.

I hope that through my teaching, I can help to create a world in which she is safe. I hope that through the pictures I take, I can create memories for her.

I find it interesting that when I’m at home, I might go two weeks without seeing my son, daughter-in-law, and my GRANDDAUGHTER. However, here I am on the other side of the world with an ocean dividing us, and I am missing them horribly after only one week; I ache a bit to realize that I won’t see them for a little more than a month.Β It must be horribly painful for those in our military to leave their families for a year or so.

I took this shot last Saturday night, just a few hours before leaving the country.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

    • It is … but I find it silly that I miss her already. It’s only been a week. I suppose it’s the idea that she’s for far away and I won’t see her for another month? I don’t know.

    • You are right about cherishing every moment with them. I do … and I am thankful for the pictures (and videos) on my computer that bring joy to my heart.

    • I took a little time the other night to look through pics & videos of her on my computer … I love digital! …. So easy to have a record of her entire life … such joy!

  1. Mona, this wonderful hobby/passion/obsession we practice is all about just that – creating a memory through photography. We then have it to recall when a distance separates or a recollection becomes a bit fuzzy. Keep creating for crying out loud!

    • This comment means a lot to me because I find your work to be exceptional. One day, I hope to get paid for this hobby/passion/obsession that I practice.

      • Why, thank you! I too, am still working on the getting paid part – hahaha! I definitely think you should print. I am horrible about printing the ones I love of my family and there they sit waiting to be framed and hung….

    • Thank you. It’s interesting how a problem can turn into something good. I chose black & white because my ISO was high, shooting in relatively low light & I didn’t want the flash. The color image was OK and noisy. I like the black & white, however. I think I’ll play with it just a little, try to get a little more drama to it (but not much) and put it in a red mat.

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