I’m beginning to adjust to being back in the states and am starting to settle into my new apt and the new school year. Tomorrow, I’ll go to school to set up my classroom, getting prepared to greet 150+ freshmen on Monday morning.

Today, I babysat. My granddaughter and I built houses from blocks, read countless books, drew pictures, had tea parties, pretended, danced, giggled, and told stories. As you can probably tell … she is my light and joy.



Her mother is a superb pianist.

Sparkling Beads, Bracelets, Princess High Heeled Slippers, Princess Crown, and ATTITUDE!

She wore the crown for hours. Elle: “Where’s my crown?” Me: “On your head.” Elle: “Oh yeah!” I had to giggle…so much like her grandma!

Saturday with Elle

24 thoughts on “Saturday with Elle

    • It was enormous fun. At one point, however, I fell asleep on the floor while she was performing an elaborate role-play with ponies, lego people, and a train set. Eventually, she caught me and squealed “Grandma!”

  1. Adorable! I usually break out the camera when my granddaughter stays with me also. She is getting used to it and doesn’t run from me anymore. I think she is beginning to enjoy it! πŸ™‚ Precious moments.

  2. What a beautiful little girl, and beautiful photos of her, Mona. Love the top two portraits, for framing. Isn’t it wonderful to spend time with children? For one thing, we can be child-like for awhile. I think it might be one of the saving graces in life.
    I hope that your travel recouping, apartment settling, and school prep all go well!
    ~ Lily

    • Thank you. And you are right about spending time with children; she absolutely will not let me be grumpy (or even sedentary). She is definitely on of the “saving graces” in my life.

  3. They are beautiful pictures! And like Lily said, when else to you get to confess to ‘pretending’ and ‘building with blocks’ and not have other adults look at you askance! lol. Good luck with the new school year.

    • You picked up on it! I wanted to show some of the many facets of her personality. I agree…she IS a doll…a precocious, vocal, very active doll.

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