When I was a girl in small town Indiana, we placed flowers from my mother’s garden on my grandparent’s graves on All Soul’s Day, which is also my birthday. This time of year, the stores abound with fall flowers which bring floods of memories of simpler and happier times of childhood.

It’s midnight in my time zone and I am now officially eligible for social security. I am 62 years old today, born November 2, 1950. My future is uncertain; it is a little frightening to go into these years alone. But it’s not impossible. Just as the seagulls who can stand calm, unruffled by the heavy winds and crashing surf, I too can weather the storm.


All Soul’s Day and Social Security

40 thoughts on “All Soul’s Day and Social Security

  1. Your personal posts are telling a story that I’m enjoying (though I know much of it is about things that are not enjoyable). If you print all these little posts you could make a book for your granddaughter. I notice that sometimes you delete things (so do I) but they are often poignant and would be good for her to read in her future.
    Happy Birthday, Mona. I wish you a wonderful day.

    • I didn’t think anyone would notice that I delete. Thank you for noticing. I had not considered keeping and compiling the posts (or even the writings that lie hidden deep within my computer). That might be a good idea. Thank you for the good wishes, Trish.

      • When you ‘publish’ a post, it appears immediately in my email and I read it there. If I want to read it again, or make a comment, I go to your blog. That’s when I find out it has been deleted…

      • You are right about the ones I delete. Sometimes, after looking at it a while later, I decide that what I posted was either too private or too negative. I also delete a post if, after some time, I don’t like the image(s).

  2. Hi Mona. You’ve said so much in this one little post. A look back at the past plus considerations for the future. It’s thoughtful and poignant. Best wishes for your birthday! Also, I read the comments and have to add that yes, Scorpios can be an odd breed. I fall into that bucket, too!

  3. Your photos and words always speak to a strength, talent, and tenderness that is all you. Hope you enjoyed your birthday without the need (or want) to start drawing your Social Security just yet.

    • Oh thank you … in truth, I am looking at the feasibility of retiring in May because teaching freshmen is completely exhausting. I will never quit work, but hope to take a different direction. State pension will not provide enough to live on, so social security will be necessary, even though it will be in the lower category for life. But we will see. A lot can happen in 6 months.

  4. You are sweet. The seagulls were delightful. I have a few shots of the birds flying at me and the camera, and I was hoping that at least one bird would be in sharp focus but, alas, they were moving too quickly.

    Strong & independent? It’s been a journey of decades. Hang on to that great husband of yours and at the same time be strong and independent.

  5. Oh, and I forgot to say that the seagulls shot is great. And that you look so cute in that photo. I love old photos and they remind me that I should do something with all the photos I have, rather than just keep them on the computer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’ve started to scan in my father’s old photos and have wonderful images from early 20th century. I’ve printed some of them and have them on my wall. Because many were deteriorating, I’m glad that I have digital images of them.

  6. Happy belated birthday, Mona! Love that black and white photo of you. Of course you can weather the storm, any storm– just look at that little girl in the photo; she can buoyantly take anything, you can see that in her face. Wishing you happiness, peace, fulfillment…and love would be nice, too. ~ Lily

    • Lily, I thank you for this. You know? I’m weathering them quite nicely now. (But I’m staying away from love … except for my kids and granddaughter…much healthier that way.)

  7. Mona, my wife is 3 days older than you, and couldn’t wait to stop working. She is now retired and waiting for her first Social Security check. I have been collecting for the last 1 1/2 years. We are retired and now kind of poor. Still better than working.
    Moody Blues…..”work away today day, work away tomorrow, never comes the day, for my love and me.”
    I hope it all works out for you….somehow I know it will.

    • Mike, thank you for this comment. I’m finding myself looking very closely at the financial feasibility of retiring … either in one semester or in three semesters. I’m itching to take on new ventures and I believe that it will all work out. I’d been very afraid of “poverty” but I thank that possibly it’s not the huge dragon hiding in the cave as I had recently feared. I know that I can always support myself and supplement my small social security and small pension (either that or torture my sons by living 1/2 of the year with one and 1/2 of the year with the other — payback, you know?).

      • Funny because I keep telling my son I will come live on his couch. Someone with your skill set (teaching) should be able to sub as you see fit, or find a part time gig. Stay well Mona.

  8. Mike, that is exactly what I’m thinking … I can sub …. or … I can focus on improving my skill with the camera … or … I can ……… do anything. And I’m thinking maybe a big ole motor home that I can park in sons’ driveways and annoy everyone around.

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