I Miss Blogging

Ducks on a pond

Ducks on a pond

In the past, I posted nearly every day. Like a child showing every drawing and scribbled attempt at poetry, I snapped away, made a few edits, posted, and said to the world hey look at me look at what I did! I did it! 

I’m still taking pictures; having the camera in my hand is like holding the hand of a trusted dear friend. However, there have been a few changes in my life. First, I’ve promised myself better health,  which means getting more sleep. Second, I’m more focused on work, prepping for classes and preparing reports. Finally, I moved into a small place, by myself. (Someday, when I find a way to write about this without hurting others, and in a way that it will help others, I will….maybe.) The move has almost doubled my drive time to work and to my son’s house.

Consequently, I have less time to edit pictures, write, post, and read other blogs. And I miss it so.

Most important, for some reason, I’m rarely happy with my pictures. Is my eye becoming more discriminating? Or am I in an artistic slump? The truth is probably a combination of the two.

Last week, between appointments, I stopped at a city park and worked on getting a sharp focus. The above shot of the ducks is the only one out of 83 shots that does not disappoint me.

But I had a treat today as I babysat my best playmate, my granddaughter. She had just gotten out of bed, and because I was focused on work, when she asked, “Grandma Mona, I need your iPad please!” I handed it over and took out my camera, forgetting all about the work.

22 thoughts on “I Miss Blogging

  1. The last photo should be ENLARGED and submitted to a photography competition. Who needs a lap when you can lean your computer up against your shoes? But most importantly, this photo is about a girl who can focus on her work!

  2. We miss you too Mona! I know how hard it is to keep up with blogs. I love the shots of your granddaughter, she looks like shes hard at work hahaha! Nice to know im not the only one who takes over 100 pictures and only like 5 lol!

  3. I know what it feels like to be unsatisfied with photography. Sometimes it just feels like nothing is good enough. However, the photos of your granddaughter are wonderful. I particularly love the last one. Love her little shoes sticking out. Good luck with everything. I hope you like your new place, even though it’s further away from work and your family. 🙂

    • Thanks, Inga. I suppose many of us feel as if we aren’t creating anything worthwhile. And maybe I truly wasn’t because of exhaustion, busyness, distractions, work … there are myriad reasons. Lately, I’ve been turning to the camera, to editing, and to writing and ignoring the other tasks. Someday, I might find a healthy balance.

  4. I love as well the last pic!!! It always amuse me how children can know so many things about something that was so strange to me till few years ago!!!
    Do not worry about your artistic eye! I usually take 150 shots to be able to choose at least 5 or 6…Other days all of them seem wonderful to me…I think that is the way we learn: doing it…And by doing that we progress, we change, we develop a new eye and a new taste…And we like new things and discard things that before we thought were wonderful!

  5. Hey Mona!! I know the last 6 months or so have brought some huge changes to your life. This post seems to have been written while you were feeling a little down. Well it may not be much but you have a beautiful granddaughter who adores you! And know that you have friends out here in the blogoshpere!! Love these photos and the last one is adorable. Looks like she is working hard on knocking out critters on Angry Birds? 🙂

    • Marcus you are quite observant. Yes, I left my home and the divorce was finalized Jan 8. I’m learning how to enjoy and love life alone but as you said I have this incredible granddaughter who lights up my life. In addition, grandbaby #2 is due in 2 weeks, and I get another daughter-in-law in 2 months. I am enormously sad about the divorce (2nd…statistically cliche) but I am focusing on learning and living.

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