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Spring Break! Yesterday, I took a hike in the Dreamy Draw, one of our Phoenix mountains, to try out two wide-angle lenses which I borrowed from BorrowLenses,  a Sigma 1-20 and a Canon 10-22. Notice the lens flare?  I found out today this is a problem when amateur photographers don’t know what they’re doing with a wide angle lens. (This shot was taken with the Canon lens.)

I don’t know if I’ll buy either of these lenses; the image quality is not nearly as good as the images I get from my 24-105 lens (better glass). I don’t have the ultra wide capabilities, but I think I might sacrifice this to get the sharper image.

Next, I will borrow the 50 mm fixed. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Oh yes, I’m also trying out a new blog look (I change hair styles frequently too).