I’m back in China.

Feicheng after dinner, when the people leave their televisions and join their friends in the park to dance, play games, watch movies, or just share the day.

I’m training teachers in Feicheng City, in the Shandong Province, China. Although it’s a small city of nearly a million people, it has a small-town feel, which I love.


8 thoughts on “I’m back in China.

  1. What a beautiful photo!
    I was thinking of you when I saw the news about fires in Arizona. Perhaps you were in China.

    • Yes, I was here in China and was sad to read the news of the fires and the deaths of the firefighters. One of my friends owns a small farm in the area affected; I do not know if she was hurt or not.

  2. Only in China (maybe India too) does a population of 1 million provide a small town feel. Here in Jinan there’s either 3 or 5 or 8 million depending on where you get your facts. It feels much smaller than Chicago, though.

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