It’s a quarter moon…

It’s a quarter moon in a ten cent town
Time for me to lay my heartaches down…


1/40 sec at f/11, ISO 100, 200 mm lens w/ 2X extender on 70-200 lens, Canon 60D

I borrowed my son’s 2X extender to capture tonight’s first quarter moon. He may or may not get it back.

Quote from “Easy From Now On” written by Susana Clark and soulfully performed by Emmylou Harris.

7 thoughts on “It’s a quarter moon…

    • Sandi, thanks. The moon is one of my favorite subjects and I’ve been disappointed in my shots since I sold my Nikon and the 300 mm lens. I couldn’t quite get the image with my 200 mm lens until I used Jason’s extender. I still am looking for the perfect moon photo op with the moon rising above the desert mountain or above a city skyline or farm house. Each time I’ve seen this, I was in a car and my camera was home. I have planned for the shot, scouting out sites, watching the “moon rise time tables” etc., but something has always prevented the shot. Some day!

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