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This blog has been about my rambling journey as a photographer which began when I purchased my first DSLR four years ago.  In the past year, after retiring from teaching, I have focused on developing my skills and artistry while learning how to run a business (of one currently). Photography is my passion…my frustrating, rewarding, exhausting, invigorating, inspiring, fun and all-consuming passion.

I recently landed my first job taking head shots. I prepared by setting up my portable lighting studio in my home, bribing friends with meals to sit for me (I got two takers), and resorting to shooting myself in order to figure out how best to set up the lights. I was nervous because lighting has been one of my greatest weaknesses.IMG_9059-Edit-Edit

These two young women were perfect for my first portrait gig because they were simply FUN.


Now I just need to learn how to market myself.