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Portrait of Elle

Portrait of Elle

Looking at this portrait, you might see a cute and sweet little girl sitting quietly on a stool. But look more closely. Look at the expression in her eyes and mouth. She is toying with the photographer (me), wiggling and striking silly poses.

I  captured (literally) this shot of my 5-year old granddaughter Elle during a rest break for her mom, my daughter-in-law, who is due to deliver my 5th grandchild at the end of May. One second later, she was moving again. I attempted to get Elle and her little sister Juliet to give me one of those precious shots of older siblings lovingly kissing mommy’s tummy or giving mommy a hug, unfortunately, I didn’t get a single shot in which both of the girls are looking good because they were in constant motion. (Mom looks great in every shot.)

I will post maternity shots in a few days, in addition to newborn shots of Elle’s cousin.