Salt River Wild Horses

This herd of about 40 wild horses has captured quite a bit of media attention lately because of a federal proposal to remove them from their Salt River home near Phoenix. Howard-9179

I felt blessed to spend a few hours with these breathtakingly magnificent animals.Howard-9350 Howard-0408

It’s easy to forget that the Salt River Wild Horses are just that … wild. I got this closeup using a 100mm lens, which means that I was very close to the horse, who had approached me. Within a few minutes, the horse got bored and moved on.


Most of them have deep gashes and cuts, evidence of their power and strength. They fight. They bite. They jostle for dominance. They are pure beauty.


6 thoughts on “Salt River Wild Horses

    • Hi there, Dino (right?)

      I used a 100 mm f/2.8 lens, which means that I got close enough to the horses to almost touch them; they are that tame.

      I’ve been “away” from blogging recently and actually miss my blog friends. Retirement has kept me busy (odd, isn’t it?).

      I have images that I want to post soon. In the meantime, take care my friend.

  1. WOW! These shots are breathtaking! What an honour to have experienced wild horses up close! It’s really heartbreaking to read about how they are viewed by the public… I feel that humans do a lot more harm on a larger scale than this herd… They are the only herd on the river so they should be more protected than reprimanded… This first article is mind-boggling to me. That article on Dotty is so heartbreaking. I wonder what happened with the investigation? Thank you for sharing. Very eye-opening.

    • Thank you blisslovelight. It’s been a while since I took these pictures. The horses have been “allowed” to stay, unfortunately, recently several have been shot and some killed. On the other hand, most people treasure them and treat them with awe and respect.

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