Newborn Portrait


IMG_6017-Edit-3 I love taking pictures of newborns. I am simply in awe when I am around them. I speak softly, as if I am in the presence of something pure and holy, and perhaps I am. IMG_6830-Edit

Ava Marie was 12 days old when I captured these pictures.IMG_6031-Edit

I’m a newborn photography newbie; this is only my third session. I do know that I want to photograph many more babies. IMG_7101-Edit-Edit

Sitting Pretty


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Portrait of Elle

Portrait of Elle

Looking at this portrait, you might see a cute and sweet little girl sitting quietly on a stool. But look more closely. Look at the expression in her eyes and mouth. She is toying with the photographer (me), wiggling and striking silly poses.

I  captured (literally) this shot of my 5-year old granddaughter Elle during a rest break for her mom, my daughter-in-law, who is due to deliver my 5th grandchild at the end of May. One second later, she was moving again. I attempted to get Elle and her little sister Juliet to give me one of those precious shots of older siblings lovingly kissing mommy’s tummy or giving mommy a hug, unfortunately, I didn’t get a single shot in which both of the girls are looking good because they were in constant motion. (Mom looks great in every shot.)

I will post maternity shots in a few days, in addition to newborn shots of Elle’s cousin.

A Valentine’s Vow



IMG_0021Cyndie and Rod went to high school together, and as so often happens in life, they went into different directions, building careers and raising families. A high school reunion brought the now single man and woman together, and they began a several year long-distance relationship. Cyndie happily said yes when Rod got down on one knee to propose last year.


I was blessed to have the opportunity to photograph their joyous wedding on Valentine’s Day. Their love for each other radiated out to their family and guests as they exchanged rings and promised to love for life.


I wish them the very best as they begin their new life together. Thank you, Cyndie and Rod, for sharing your very special moments with me.


Peaceful Silence


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Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

from Desiderata by Max Ehrmann (1872-1945)


The weather was simply too beautiful to stay inside today, so I took my camera out to a local park to photograph, just for the sheer joy of capturing the image. As I sat near the small lake, my eye was drawn to the reflections of the columns in the water; I then noticed that the ripples of the water are projected onto the columns, creating a double reflection. The symmetry of the lines and curves and the muted brown and grey tones brought to mind this line from the poem Desiderata (“essential things”).