No theme …… No real reason for this post, except nostalgia.

It was 1962. My sister Rose was a baby. Rose is not the youngest in our clan; in fact, two boys and a girl follow her.

Notice that my sister Phyllis & I are wearing identical blouses, which means that my mother probably made them. (I’m the one with the dark permed hair in the back.) By the way, I’m the oldest of the clan.

Check out the buzz cuts on my brothers; Mother took the electric clippers to them regularly.

Our growing family

As we watch…

I am in Indiana. My father’s journey is about to end. His wife, his ten children, many of his grandchildren,  and numerous friends have gathered to say goodbye.

He is truly the kindest, most generous, most Godly man I know.

Ordinary day with Elle

My granddaughter delights me. She warms my souls and tickles my spirits. She squeals “Mama” (accent on the second syllable) and my heart sings.